Meet The Man Who Wants To Make You Famous

Steve Mellor is the creator of the Digital Authority system, a process that helps you replace traditional marketing by cultivating your digital audience in to a tribe of rampant purchasers. The system has been in development since 2014 & tested on multiple platforms with many businesses.


It's really nice of you visit this page. I don't expect many people will come here.

The fact is, the about page is probably the least important page of any website. When people first visit your site they don't come to find out about you (unless you are an international man of mystery, such as myself), they come to solve a problem.

Today, if you will let me, I shall try and help you solve the problem of what you're doing here...

See, I could tell you about how I first started in business or in web design or learned the tricks of digital marketing. I could tell you about the time I helped an author increase his sales or when I set up a website for an accountant that started delivering results the moment it went online.

But, that's just posturing. What you really want to know is whether I'm worth your attention.

For many of you, I'm probably not.

Here's Why...

I'm Not Here To Make You Rich

I get it, we turn to the internet because we are told it is full of riches. In many ways, it is. It's made businesses a lot of money and it can do the same for you.

The difference is, digital & internet marketing is something that you need to work at. When you mix that with my Digital Authority system, you're going to get ahead of the game but it still requires a lot of work... from YOU!

I know there are people out there who think they can load up the latest product and be a millionaire by lunch time.

If that's what you want, I'm NOT your man.

You Can't Do This 'On The Cheap'

It's tempting to think that there is some easy and cheap way of doing everything you want. If you started your own business and built it from the ground up I know there would have been times when you sacrificed the best option for the belt & braces cheap version.

What I want you to take away from this today...

Those Days Are Done

There are certain things that you need to spend money on as a business but there is always that resistance to spend the money.

Believe me, I know that feeling.

It is the sticking point for so many people but unless you have taken control of these aspects of your business, you will always be beholden to a third party that could shut your business down overnight.

My promise to you is:

  • If there is a cheaper tool out there, I will try it.
  • If there is a better option out there, I will find it.

You don't need to waste your time doing those things

You Need To Be Invested In The Process

I'm not going to lie to you, digital marketing & promotion is a job of work and it is one that you will have to take on and take responsibility for.

My business coach, Carrie Lyndene (The Success Coach - yes we all need one) has a wonderful saying that sums this up perfectly.

You Must Trust The Process

I have tweaked and tested these systems for the past few years and I continue to do that, in order to provide the right information for my clients.

But, nothing will work if you don't put the work in yourself. If you're sat there asking "what's the easy way, " or "Can't we just do this," what you're really telling me is that you're not willing to do the work.

It takes a lot of hard work to succeed online and if you're not prepared to put the work in there is nothing I or anyone else can do to help you.

Still Here?

Here's What You Get From Me!

  • A Step-By-Step path to online promotion for your business that will put you ahead of other businesses, still relying only on traditional marketing.
  • The methods and processes I am using myself and with other clients to build my 'Tribe'.
  • Access to the theories and reasoning behind why people tell you to use social media, video, blogging (many of which have been misconstrued).
  • Terrible jokes.

And, of course, every so often I'm going to want you to buy something from me... but we're all in business, right?

Is this any good?

It's all right, if you like that sort of thing.

This is a really subjective question. Some people will get an awful lot from what I have put together, other people won't.

To make sure I'm not fleecing you, I suggest you try signing up to the newsletter to see if what I'm sending you is of interest. There will also be some free 'starter' trainings available soon.

If you like what you see, why not check out my paid for products? If you don't, no worries. I hope you at least had fun with the material.

But I guess what you're all wanting to ask is why you should listen to me?

Well, I've been making websites now since the late 90s, videos before that and writing professionally for over 20 years.

But, my path to creating this system started 3 years ago.

I was stuck in a dead end job. There was nowhere I could be promoted, no pay rise I could work towards and depression had set in several months earlier. I was in a really bad way, looking at every exit but not taking any of my own advice.

At this time, I'd been working with local web design agencies for several years, working on big projects and small from JCB to Daylesord Organic, Boeing, The Daily Mail and The Evening Standard.

I'd picked up skills in digital marketing, social media, SEO, video production and, of course, web design its self.

It was an interesting job but I couldn't get out of the funk I was in. After many, many months of dealing with the problem, I did the most drastic thing I could think of...

I Quit My Job

Well, the truth is I was signed off for two weeks by my doctor and I just never went back.

But I had to do something, so I decided I would create my own business making websites and doing all of the other things I'd learned over the years.

What I hadn't realised was, I was doing it wrong. It took a long time before I met my business mentor, Carie (I believe I've mentioned her before) and I struggled. I struggled with sales because I didn't know what I was doing, with deliverables, because I was struggling with sales.

But Carie helped me focus on what I was doing wrong and eliminate it from my sales process. I really do owe her a lot.

Then I noticed the trend

I’m sure you’ve noticed it yourself. There are some companies out there that are so well known that they just can’t help getting business. They are on the lips of everyone who is recommending services. You might think this is word of mouth happening before your eyes or that these businesses are just getting a good reputation, and in some instances that is exactly the case, but the ones whose doors are being beaten down because people want to work for them are the ones who you really want to emulate and those companies are ones that have built up real authority in their field.

So, I started doing some experiments with some very close friends, both on social media and with SEO, blogging, all of the digital marketing tools you can think of. I increased my youtube subscriber count, my Twitter followers, my own websites rankings and those of a few authors and businesses too.

I helped out with some kickstarter projects and found out all I could about the latest in digital marketing and I tried applying it to what I was doing with web design and with video too.

And, you know what I discovered?

There is a process that will help a business build their authority, their fame if you will. You can use it like a step-by-step formula and it will help you to build your 'tribe'.

When I applied this process to the videos I was making, the websites, the adverts I was putting out for my clients, it increased engagement. Combining all of these steps in the right way help people build their own authority and they get recognised for the work they do.

This process, on a personal basis, lead to me speaking on BBC radio after the death of Robin Williams because I was an authority on comedy.

It’s all about positioning yourself in front of the people who want to take advantage of your expertise. Now, that could be a newspaper columnist or it could be a potential client with a problem only you can solve.

Either way the process is the same. I call it “Digital Authority.”

What do I Actually Do?

My main focus is to help you position yourself and your company as the go-to business in your field.

I do this through my Digital Authority System, which is a way for people to build trust and their profile online.

In today's marketplace, being an authority can lead to an increased influence, profile and profits.

At a time when traditional marketing is failing, carving out your own audience is a must, but it's hard work keeping up with all of the things that you have to do to please your audience.

That's where I come in, working with businesses to make sure they have the systems in place to create the content their ideal clients crave.

I do this through a mixture of traditional and digital marketing techniques, a 'secret sauce' if you will that is designed to get results and to drive traffic to your offers.

What You Should Do Now!

If you liked what you read and want to know more

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If they inspire you to do more

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If that helps you

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Thanks for reading this page.
I hope to see you very soon.

Steve Mellor